Our Club caters for many classes of model car racing, from beginners to the more experienced racer.  If you have just purchased or have been playing around with a radio controlled car than why not try your hand at racing.  Our aim is for you to have fun while racing against other cars the same as your own. Bring your car to the track, you won’t be disappointed.

For more information contact the club by the below email.

Email: – newcastle.onroad@gmail.com

Our club caters for the below racing classes: 


For children and beginners who have very little experience and just want to have fun. We encourage beginners of all ages to our great hobby. The club has purchased a couple of club cars for new starters to come and try before they go and outlay their own money or Mum and Dad’s money in some cases.

If your interested in having a drive of our club cars then email the club with your expression of interest.


*ISTC 21.5 Sportsman Touring Car (sanctioned)

1/10th all wheel drive chassis, 21.5T Brushless electric motor, non-boosted speed controller and rubber tyres 

*ISTC 13.5 Stock Touring Car (sanctioned)

1/10th all wheel drive chassis, 13.5T electric motor, non-boosted speed controller and rubber tyres

*ISTC Modified (sanctioned)

1/10th all wheel drive chassis, no motor limit, boosted speed controller and rubber tyres. This is the high end class of our hobby. This class is not commonly run at our club days, it’s usually run at our major events and there crazy fast.

*13.5T Stock Pan Car (sanctioned)

1/12 2WD 13.5T electric motor, non-boosted speed controller, foam tyres

Formula 1

1/10th Formula 1 chassis, 21.5T motor, non-boosted speed controller and rubber tyres


1/10th front wheel drive, Hobbywing XR10 Justock 13.5 combo and rubber tyres with spoked rims



1/8th I.C powered and Electric powered 4WD GT. Rubber tyres


NOTE: The above is a basic guideline for most common classes currently raced at NORCCC 




2023 RCRA General & Technical Rules regarding EP sanctioned classes above can be found here:

2019 RCRA General & Technical Rules regarding LARGE SCALE sanctioned classes above can be found here: